Print files

  • Your print files
    • Upload your print file(s) ideally as print-ready PDF (ISO_coated_v2_300%), JP(E)G or TIFF files.
    • Uploading open files such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word will incur additional conversion costs, which will be included in the product price. We will always send you a final version via email that you must approve before we begin printing.
    • If possible, please scale your artwork to 100%.
    • Embed the fonts and images used in the print file.
    • Images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at a scaling of 100%.
    • Use the CMYK colour model for the print file and any images it contains. Other colour models such as RGB will be automatically converted to CMYK, which may lead to colour deviations.
    • For full bleed documents, please use a bleed margin of at least 2 mm on all pages.
    • Crop marks are optional, but they should always appear outside the print layout.
    • We recommend ensuring a margin of at least 5 mm between the text and the edge of the print layout.
    • If your product contains several pages, please upload your artwork as a single file if possible.
    • Documents with several pages can be integrated into the print file either as consecutive single pages or correctly imposed pages (e.g. 8+1, 2+7, 6+3, 4+5).
    • A technical tolerance of 0,5–1 mm on digital printed jobs has to be taken into account.
    • Please note that you are responsible for adhering to these requirements. We are not obliged to check these criteria (unless you select the "In-depth data check" option). If you fail to do so, you may not lodge any complaints regarding the quality of the resulting print products.
  • Personalization files
    • For personalised products using variable-data printing, we require not only the finished artwork, but also a list of the variable information. For instance, in the case of a form letter, this would include the addresses, names and titles, etc.
    • This list can be provided as an Excel file (.xls, .xlsx) or a text file with the content separated by commas, semicolons or tabs (.csv, .txt).
    • Please make sure the column headings are the same as the placeholder text you used in the print file.
    • We automatically send you an electronic proof of personalised print products. The first proof is included in the price.
  • Delivery papers / Postal regulations
    • If you are planning to send your print products individually via the post or another service provider, please make sure to observe the specific rules regarding the design.
    • All the necessary information regarding mail-outs with the Swiss Post is available here.
    • On request we will gladly organise the mail-out for you. The options available for various products can be found directly in the product configurator. Please send us a filled-out dispatch list (DS), or let us create one for you. To do so, we will require the invoice reference number from the Swiss Post.
  • Other file formats / open files
    • You can also use other file formats such as Word (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and Publisher (.pub, .pubx). Please note that the file conversion and associated mandatory proof incurs an additional fee, which is shown in the product configurator.
  • UV coating and special effect coating
    • No special requirements are necessary regarding print files for UV high gloss varnish.
    • A special-effect print varnish is applied in the final printing unit to the areas that are to have a matt appearance. Next, the coating unit is used to apply a full-area UV high-gloss varnish that drips off the areas previously given a matt coating. This maintains the matt effect with a rough appearance and feel of these areas and gives the remaining areas a gloss surface. Print files for the drip-off need to be defined in either a special colour or even as a seperate layer.
  • Creating PDF files
    • The Adobe Creative Suite software is most suitable for creating PDF files. Alongside Acrobat, this also includes InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • To create PDF files from any other programs, you can use the PDF Creator found here, which is software in the form of a printer driver for Windows.
    • On an Apple (Mac) computer, you can create PDF files at any time using the Print menu. Additional software is not necessary.
  • PDF/EPS print templates
    • For several of our products, we offer PDF and EPS print templates that you can download.
    • These templates must be used for presentation folders as they contain the necessary die-cut.
    • The templates can be downloaded directly from the respective product pages under "Downloads".
  • Artwork check
    • Your print data is checked by us on the basis of defined criteria. You can choose between the standard artwork check and the superior artwork check:

        standard artwork check superior artwork check
       Format yes yes
       Number of pages yes yes
       Page order yes yes
       Bleed yes (if possible autom. scaling) yes
       Font embedding yes (if possible autom. embedding) yes
       Image resolution yes (min. 200 dpi) yes (min. 300 dpi)
       Colour mode (CMYK) yes (autom. conversion) yes
       Overprinting yes yes
       Comment fields in PDF yes
       Images: Brightness, colour cast yes
       Paper suitability for subject yes
  • Proofs

    If you have selected the "Proof" option, we will send you a proof via first-class post services or an electronic print approval as a PDF once we have received your payment and prior the printing process.

    Proof sent by mail:

    • For digital printing, we will send you a hard proof on original paper.
    • For offset printing, you will receive a proof (if your print product has several pages, we will send a proof of the title page as well as a layout proof). Please note that for technical reasons it cannot be printed on original paper.
    • For large-format printing, you will receive a digitally printed A3 hard proof. For technical reasons it cannot be printed on original paper.
    • After you have received the proof, you can approve it directly using your customer account. Once we have your approval, the delivery period begins and the print job will be carried out.


    Electronic print approval (PDF):  

    • Your delivered print data will be checked and converted if necessary (e.g. colour to CMYK).  
    • For digital and offset printing, you will be sent a soft proof for your final sign-off on the screen to start the printing process a PDF. The PDF is not colour accurate
    • Once received the PDF you can approve it directly in your customer account. Once we have your approval, the delivery period begins and the print job will be carried out.  
  • Layout service
    • If you opt for the layout service from, we will take care of the professional layout of your printed materials.
    • When you place your order, simply provide all your images, text, information and requests in the upload module and we will lay out your document and create a print-ready template, which can then be used for the production of the print products.
    • All templates created by the layout service will be emailed to you as PDFs, which you can check before they are handed over to our production team. We will start the production process as soon as you approve the PDFs.
    • Your approval also marks the start of the quoted delivery period.
    • Our layout service is also provided at a fixed cost, which means there are no hidden fees.
  • Design-Templates
    • You don’t have an existing print template that you would like to use? Then take advantage of our comprehensive catalogue of designs and templates for all kinds of print products.
    • You can find the templates catalogue under DESIGN-TEMPLATES in the main menu.
    • The templates can be individualised directly online. You can also add your own text and, if you like, upload your own images and photos into the design template.
    • Please note that we accept no liability for spelling, grammar or design errors.